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featuring 3 refreshing original scents.

    Clean-Burning Incense Sticks for Modern Self-Care

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    Unique hand-dip technique that eliminates  synthetic odors.

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    Immediate release property for instant aromatherapy benefits

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    Ancient self-care ritual reimagined for the modern urban dweller.


    featuring 10 clean-burning classic fragrances


    About Alpana Los Angeles

    In the pandemic, when millions of Americans reached for their scented candles to transport them to their ​favorite memories, we reached for our incense. 


    We believe that incense has the power to instantly elevate your mood and the vibe of any space. However, regular incense is made with chemicals that can release synthetic odors into your space.

    So we made Alpana Incense... Alpana Incense is hand-dipped in Los Angeles using an unique process passed through our family for generations. This process yields clean-burning incense without the underlying odors.

    In Bengal, 'Alpana' (আলপনা) is a type of art that is made with rice paste on auspicious occasions. The designs are passed on from one generation to next. We believe that our incense is our Alpana and so we pass it on to you...

    Alpana: Incense for Modern Self-Care.



    featuring 5 clean-burning original fragrances

    Explore the collection that started it all...

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