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About ALpana

Alpana Incense is an incense boutique that embodies the essence of elegant heritage. Our incense is rooted in the rich tradition of incense-making, yet we push the boundaries of the art form by creating captivating scents that transport you to serene Bengal environs.

At Alpana Incense, we believe in the power of scent to elevate any space immediately. Using a family process passed down for generations, our incense sticks are crafted with care to ensure a clean burn every time.


Our self-extinguishing incense allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of self-care. Our packaging reflects the elegance and refinement of our brand, with sleek and minimalist design. Our incense holder is the perfect companion for any self-care ritual, giving form to the fragrance.

We invite you to experience Alpana Incense and allow yourself to be transported to a realm of pure indulgence and serenity.

In Bengali, 'Alpana' (আলপনা) is a type of folk art that is made with rice paste on auspicious occasions. The art patterns are passed on from one generation to next. Our incense is our "Alpana" that we pass on to you...

Alpana: Incense for Modern Self-Care.

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