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Hi there!


My name is Dewan and it's great to see you here. 

I am a Bangladeshi, living in Los Angeles. My maternal grandmother (dadu) introduced me to incense when I was 7. I would watch the plumes of smoke for hours as it gracefully carried the fragrance.

When the world was locked down, I found myself drawn to the luxurious charm of incense. Sadly, I could not find a scent that matched the scent of my dadu's tuberose incense. So I set out to make it for myself. I learned how to make incense without lingering underlying smells.


I called my incense Alpana because in Bengali, it is a type of folk art that is made with rice paste. Alpana patterns are taught forward and I felt like Alpana was taught forward to me so I could continue to share dadu's incense with the world. My incense is my Alpana and I pass it on to you... :)

If you have made it this far, reach out to me at to say hi.

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